Tips & Guides – AKB 1/149 Ren’ai Sousenkyo

Some tips & guides around the gameplay.

Member Closeness Level

1. Stranger

  • Member’s name written in full name*
  • You are dating her in less than 4 times

2. Friends

  • Member’s name written in her nickname*
  • You have dated her for 5-7 times, or after you had her fifth date event

3. One Step Ahead

  • You are so close before her confession event
  • Usually it happens after you dated her for 8 times

*can be seen from Call Register and Mail Address menu

Confession Event-Related Matters

The Eighth Dating Event

This event will trigger the confession event. Depending on the member, there will be two or three choice for you to choose. If you choose “Yes”, you will trigger her confession event, which will happen on the next day. And her contact will be outlined pink. If you pick the choice saying that you can’t meet her tomorrow, then her confession event will be postponed to another day, but if you choose “No”, that means you reject her and her contact will be deleted.

Bad Ending, No Confession

It happens when there is only one member to date. Keep dating the member until her confession event, then reject her. By doing so, you won’t get any confession event which lead you to a bad ending, along with “Virginity” soundtrack.

Confession Event, Another Trigger

Confession event can be achieved without having the eighth dating event if the member sends you a mail or voice mail which informs that she wants to tell you something important. After that, her contact will be outlined pink.

Post-Confession: Bonus Photo

After the credits and staff roll, listen carefully, she will say something like, “Watashi wo erande kurete arigatō”. After that, rush the [L] and [R] button, you will hear“Encore” being shouted, keep rushing until the screen fade to white, and after the cheering and clapping sound, you will get a new photo.

In-game Phase

In the initial phase of the game, you will have to choose and reject the member one by one until the 3rd day. On the 4th day, about half of the total member will be eliminated. It is indicated that you’ve entered the elimination phase. The elimination itself is affected by the group of the member you are dating on the first three days. In this phase, many more member will be eliminated than in the initial phase after the date event. When there are just 10 members left, you will return to the initial phase and reject the member one by one again.

Pre-game Extra Features

Specific Member Dating Group

This feature will be available after you finished the game for several times. It allows you to choose whether you want to begin the game with full group or spesific group with few additions from other groups. If you choose the specific one, then you will directly enter the elimination phase.

Log Somellier(ログ・ソムリエ)

It is available after you finished the game for about 30 times. This is just another feature which allows you to customize the way you start the game. It is located below the Specific Member Dating Group feature above. There are some options to choose, which is:

  • Oshimen Heaven(推しメンヘブン)

The game will start with the top list of your oshimen.

  • Freud Select(フロイトセレクト)

The game will start with the bottom list of your oshimen.

  • Galaxy Station銀河ステーション)

Start the game with members you first and most frequent to date, and received good answer in the beginning of the game.

  • Galaxy Station Waiting Room(銀河ステーション待合室)
    - unlocked after several more times you finished the game

Start the game with members you first and most frequent to date, and received good answer in the middle of the game.

  • Beyond a Farewell(さよならの向こうがわ)

Start the game with most deleted members.

  • You Who Unseen(まだ見ぬあなた)

Start the game with unconfessed members.

  • Little Sister(リトルシスター)

Start the game with the youngest members (birth year 1996 >).

  • Blooming Flower咲き初めの花)

Start the game with the moderate age members (birth year 1993~1995).

  • Adult Stairway(大人の階段)

Start the game with the oldest members (birth year < 1992).

  • Random 48(ランダム48)
    - unlocked after several more times you finished the game

Start the game with random 48 members.

  • Random 80(ランダム80)
    - unlocked after you finished the game several more times

Start the game with random 80 members.

Almighty Pass(オールマイティパス)

This feature will be available after you unlocked all the cards of all members. It will also open a compilation video of confession events. With this feature, you can choose how many member you want to begin with as you wish. Make it possible to date with only one member until the end of the game.

Member Album Card Unlocking Guide

Sorted from the most top left to the most bottom right, there are total 16 cards to be unlocked. Card number:

  1. Dating her at the first day you start the game.
  2. Dating her at day 10th or 20th in the game.
  3. Approve her call when she calls you before you date with a member.
  4. Accept her invitation from a voice mail.
  5. Call her more than 5 times or exceed her call history for 1 hour, all after day 5th.
  6. Open all of her events.
  7. Finish her first confession event.
  8. Finish her second confession event.
  9. Finish her third confession event.
  10. Finish her confession event when she come back to your contact after she got deleted, or when she suddenly interfering you while you are having a confession event of other member, choose her confession event instead of the ‘other member’.
  11. Unlocked after she suddenly appear after you just finished your date with other member.
  12. Give her good answer in three dates in a row.
  13. You got her closing-eye random event.
  14. Got the correct answer on her birthday quiz.
  15. Post-confession photo bonus.
  16. Come to her theater event.


Seed are used to open unlockable cards in member album. There are two kind of seeds:

Normal Seed

It can be obtained after you finished the game with a confession event, or by unlocking all picture by the row/column of the game credits background. You can collect up to 30 seeds at max.

Gold Seed

When your gameplay reached day 200th, you will obtain one gold seed. After that, you will obtain another one for every 100 days. The other way is by unlocking the full picture of the game credits background. In total you can collect up to 5 seeds at max. This type of seed can open the whole 16 cards of a member with just one seed.

Super Rare(スーパーレア)Card

This is a special card which can’t be obtained neither from the gameplay nor by using seed. You won’t see its label, unless you unlocked at least one super rare card. The way to obtain all of them:

First Card

To unlock this super rare card, you need to input specific password for each member in the setting menu. It can be found here (Japanese).

Second Card

It can be obtained after you finished an event that invite you to come and see a group theater performance, the unlocked super rare card depend on which group you are coming.

Third Card

You need to install the Swimsuit “Mizugi” DLC to obtain it.

Fourth Card

You need to install the Original Uniform “Seifuku” DLC to obtain it.

Fifth Card

Install the Special DLC obtained by purchasing the AKB 1/149 Luxury Box Limited Edition to unlock it.

Unlocking Card Cheat (for PPSSPP)

You need at least one seed to be able to do this.


  1. Open a member album
  2. Press F2 to quick save your state
  3. Move your cursor to the desired card and open it
  4. Press F4 to quick load your save state before
  5. Unlock another one (Notice! Your first one will also unlocked after you unlock another)
  6. When you are done, load your last quick state and save your game data ‘normally’ in the game. Don’t worry, you won’t lose all the cards you’ve unlocked before.
  7. Try to check the cards you’ve unlocked after the saving.

Source (Indonesian) or another information (Japanese)

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